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The Brodsky Center at Rutgers University: Three Decades, 1986–2017

Zimmerli Art Museum 71 Hamilton St, Rutgers, NJ

Rutgers Distinguished Professor Emerita Judith K. Brodsky, a visionary artist and advocate, arts administrator and entrepreneur, printmaker, and scholar, recognized that women and gender nonconforming artists, as well as artists of color, were excluded from the art world in the 1980s. Brodsky’s pioneering vision set out to rectify the situation by establishing in 1986 a print- and papermaking residency center for these artists, now known as the Brodsky Center. From its inception, the Center strategically placed itself at the vanguard of art making, not only with print and papermaking techniques but also with the innovation of new ideas and narratives as a model for institutional and artworld diversity, equity, and inclusion.