Recognizing the Aesthetic and Intellectual Impact of Womxn on the Visual Arts and Culture

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News & Calendar Highlights

TFAP Calendar/Archive The NEW Feminist Art Project Calendar and Archive is a searchable, virtual repository of contemporary feminist art activities across varying media – from all over the world – Free posting starts soon! Check back!

Links to TFAP International Regional Groups The Feminist Art Project facilitates networking and program development worldwide. TFAP Regional Coordinators and Groups work with artists, teachers, writers, curators and venues to develop and promote feminist art events.

TFAP@CAA The Feminist Art Project is a CAA Affiliated Society and has a major presence at the annual conference.

FARE (Feminist Art Resources in Education) is a portal to unique educational resources that utilize feminist art practice, theory, and history to enrich learning and empower students, youth, and adults to use critical thinking and build self-esteem.


The Feminist Art Project is an international collaborative initiative recognizing the Feminist Art Movement and the aesthetic, intellectual and political impact of womxn on the visual arts, art history and art practice, past and present. The project is a strategic intervention against the ongoing erasure of womxn from the cultural record. The Feminist Art Project promotes diverse feminist art events and publications through its website calendar archive and facilitates networking and regional program development worldwide.

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