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Kinship: The Art of Connection

Women Eco Artists Dialog (WEAD) online magazine  Issue No.14 - Kinship: The Art of Connection Edited by Connie Tell and Donna Brookman Inter-Connection/ Sustenance & Healing  Cecilia Vicuña Community and Kin Builders  Christine and Margaret Wertheim Collective Memory and Displacement  Nazanin Noroozi Cross-Cultural Kinship  Rina Banerjee Spiritual Connectivity  Chiyomi Taneike Longo Kinship: Guest Editors  Connie […]

The 6000 Circles Project

We are The Calling. Our latest collaboration, The 6000 Circles Project, focuses on the circle as a symbol of balance and unity, a never ending container of feminine energy and light. We are envisioning 6000 circles; created by a multitude of artists, of all genders, from around the globe, both groups and individuals, gathering and making for […]

Rejoinder Issue 9: The Archival is Political


The theme of Rejoinder Issue 9 is "The Archival is Political." Guest edited by Alexandra Southgate (Temple). Contributors include: Joshua G. Adair, Christoffer Koch Andersen, Victoria Bailey, Linda Bond, Vero Carchedi, Farrah Cato, Kim Hoeckele, Georgia-Taygeti Katakou, Apala Kundu, Christina Maraboutaki, Janée Moses, Christine Stoddard, Lisa Lampert-Weissig, and Cinnamon Williams. Rejoinder is an online journal […]

TFAP@CAA 2025 | DOP Call for Proposals

TFAP@CAA DAY OF PANELS 2025 | CALL FOR PROPOSALS DEADLINE: July 31, 2024 Send proposals to: The CAA Annual Conference is the largest convening of art historians, artists, designers, curators, and visual arts professionals. Each year CAA offer sessions submitted by members, committees, and affiliated societies that deliver a wide range of program content. […]

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